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The Film Stalking Agency

a place for others to talk about film production..

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In the spring of 2003, a little known movie was being made in New York City: Spider-Man 2. Feeling a bit adventurous, a trio of friends followed production around town. It was there on those chilling nights in May, that they decided to follow and experience various productions in the city under the clever ruse of "The Film Stalking Agency."

After spending a night of research on a current production and coming up empty-handed, smeepy and butitwasclose wondered if others had ever faced the predicament. And thus the community was born.

This community's goal is for others to post about areas where filming will take place: i.e. "Hey, I just saw a 'no parking' flier at 42nd and 8th saying that there will be *insert production here* filming tomorrow." You could also take this a step in the reverse direction and say, Remember that movie Rushmore? Well, it was filmed at my friends high school, here's some pictures. Posting about things like set stories, premiere locations, free concerts, book readings and signings is also okay.

Clearly there's not too many rules, this is quite the new concept for us. Post away!