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Long time no post, right? Shut Up & Sing is an ensemble comedy… - The Film Stalking Agency [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jul. 22nd, 2005|09:07 pm]
The Film Stalking Agency


Long time no post, right?

Shut Up & Sing is an ensemble comedy about a group of guys who sang together in a college a capella group, who are reuniting 15 years later to perform at a friend's wedding. In gathering at a weekend beach house with their significant others in tow, they have a chance to assess how their lives have progressed - and in some cases regressed - since their heyday in college.

Our friends are shooting this low budget movie in NYC and they need our help for the big opening scene. The cast of the movie is Molly Shannon, Sean Hayes, Mark Feuerstein, Donald Faison, Sandy Chaplin, Reg Rogers, Chris Bowers, Samrat Chakrabarti and David Harbour.

All you have to do is show up on time, be dressed appropriately for the scene and stay 3 hours at the most. Here is what you will get:

- We will pay you $20 cash. (not a lot but in helps)
- You will participate in the Q&A with the cast at the end of the shoot.
- You will be part of the opening scene for the actual movie. (look your best)

If you are interested, please request tickets by clicking http://www.1iota.com/show.aspx?sid=36 or visit 1iota.com and choose Shut Up & Sing - Indie Film. We will send you an eticket with all the appropriate information. We can only pay 100 people, so will only invite the first 125 people to request tickets.